Uncomfortable silence

"If you ain't got nothing nice to say,don't say nothing at all"

Title don't mean that it is the silence you made after you had double cheese burger with onion ring and soda and the person seating next to you in the train smell something funny while you pretending to read the New Gadget magazine. But it could also means the silence in the car when you and your boyfriend just had an argument of why he borrowed his friends money to treat you to a fancy dinner. Uncomfortable silence can also rise from the conversation that the message has been misleadingly interpreted between you and your new date about the word "pure orgasm" when you were just talking about the best rendang you had on hari raya.

Whatever it is, uncomfortable silence gives tiny space to the real comedy of life. The moment you had it, it could be as silence as a grave for few seconds before you change it to a new subject. It could be continued with a guffaws when the inside jokes between your friends started to make sense (i.e how we always fill in our sentence with some part of Rusell Peter's Show Me The Funny line), it is even funnier (or perhaps not) when you go back and think bout what you just had said and you feel insanely stupid about it. Sometimes we think we wanna be funny but all we get is this uncomfortable-silence-time! Even in facebook, the comment that I get/read sound stupid although the person who writes it think it hilarious (or they just have this attitude "im-typing-LOL-but-im-not-laughing").Try being spontaneous as on the real world,I don't think you can!

Well, I had an uncomfortable silence recently when I met my evolutionary lecturer regarding my final year project (searching for conserved microsatellite in a different order of fish is tough job people). So as he was helping me googling the phylogenetic tree of fish, which I'm sure he put it on the search box, A HUGE PICTURE OF TWILIGHT COUPLE ON THE VERGE OF KISSING SHOWED UP! it's the uncomfortable silence people! I made a slight chuckle to get rid of the nervousness . Lucky I was in the lecture hall with my friends at the back. So,you never knew when and who you gonna have this moment with and the best way is to quickly save the situation by a quick gesture.

**Who is that guy in Twilight? Why he is so WHITE? Is vampire real?I read they have found fossils on vampire in Europe. Let's talk bout it :) **