Describe,but make it quick

Friends come and go and what leaves me is the feeling of envy and gratefulness. Seeing friends travel all around the world to places like India, UK, Indonesia, Ireland, France etc to further their studies leave me with one uncertain answer, when will it be my turn? Although I have been known for my optimistically pessimistic attitude, the thought of someday to further my study in other continent is still in my life vocabulary. As for now, I'll just carry on with my auto-mode life of going to lectures hall, troubleshoot my experimental protocol, enduring the humidity of the country and have a little ignorance of the future that might hold for me.

Yesterday my course mates and I were given a chance to attend a talk from a world renowned scientist from Cameroon. He is working with Malaysia oil palm industry. Standing 6' feet tall, he talked about the experienced of working in Malaysia and the best criteria that fastly picked up by us was he is one humble person, intelligent and hardworking. He talked bout how a scientist is among the poor people in the world but by sharing the brain and giving back to the society is what makes him happy and he takes credit for all his work.

I thought I could be the model of rags to riches someday but at the end I realize whatever that I work with,if it gives me satisfaction and I get to contribute to others,I will not whine. After all, career is something that you do and enjoy and job, only to get paid from something you might loath to death.

Having said that, never have enough contenment so you could push yourself forward :)

**ini bukan cakap kosong hopefully*


Luqman said...

ini bukan cakap kosong. ini pemberi semangat untuk berusaha :)