The dynamic duo

I love spending time with my boyfriend(STATEMENT APAKAH INI?) I love the fact we always have something funny to do. Like yesterday on our way to do our last minute shopping (not for me because I will never have enough), we decided to crank it up a notch with our routine of paying the toll. Instead, we put the rm1.50 into a sampul raya and gave it to the person behind the counter. You should have look at the person's face expression. Confused and happy!...and back to reality (the money not for them). But the FAIL part was, that sampul have my name on it (because I received duit raya from my lecturer earlier that day).But we managed to scratch it off.

On iftar time, we were placed in a table for two inside the restaurant separated by a glass,where you could see the person outside. It is almost as if you were seating next to them only divided by a glass. So as the person talking, we pretended to listen to them and at the same time made a gesture we don't understand what the person talking bout (coz we were separated by the glass,get it?). nasib orang tu tak perasan!

Anyway, I would like to wish all my readers a happy eid,maaf zahir dan batin. Sorry if my writing ada terkias about you ke, I wouldn't know. Have a safe journey balik kampung. Please think bout the less fortunate people and don;t forget to bring GUITAR HERO balik kampung! Bosan la main gasing je :P

"I <neverbeento3 KG"!


sweet cheery pie said...

camat hari raya dear =) maaf zahir and batin.. btw, u guyus are so cute! giving those "duit tol" inside sampul raya.. hahahha! have a nice raya day! =)