I am mad at me

What a coward I am. When critics hit me by a person closed to me, I always ditch them. Although some bits of it left in my memory, I never take an effort to understand them and THUS to make myself better. I will walked away proudly and keep on continue with the same mistakes when at the end of the road, the person that I love will come patiently and pick me up and dust myself out of the dirt. All I can do to is to say sorry (through sms or email) without confronting them face to face. Next time I blurt something disrespectful,I need to remind my self that it have nothing to do with the person in front of me but it is only wrath of stink breath of my mouth with those hurtful words.

For you (I am sorry from the bottom of my heart) .Your constructive critics and praises is the most sincere in this world and I am grateful to have YOU <3