Of tears and Transformers

I never really care about the news of Michael Jackson after his trial. I think people ought to leave him alone. Just like Britney Spears who deserves to be alone to sort things out but last Friday I was awaken by my father's SMS saying the death of the legendary King Of Pop. It was utter shocking for someone who has been growing up listening to his songs, collecting his LIVE Concert video tape and remembering the lyrics. He was one in a million. Just like any other world class entertainer like Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley, he will always be remembered.

So on our way to watch The Transformers today my dad put on his songs on the radio. It was just like the old days where I could remember his moves, his shyness during interview, and his different personalities on the stage. But the moment strike me real bad when it comes to the song "You are not alone". Tears star to burst out of my ducts and I was heavily controlling my emotion to ensure my parents don;t caught me sobbing. I think I love Michael Jackson and this is truly the biggest lost in the music industry. Everyone times will come and death is inevitable.

For Michael Jackson, although he might a bit quirky but I am sure deep in his heart core, he has a strong resolution to unite every of our kind . To Michael Jackson the King Of Pop, you will always be remembered.

"And who gave you the right to scare my family?
And who gave you the right to shame my baby? She needs me!
And who gave you the right to shake my fablic tree?

They put a knife in my back
Shot an arrow in me
Tell me are you the ghost of jealousy"