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I used to like someone back in high school but he's a jerk. We lost contact for some years and now we're back again. But the table has turned when he seemed to be...into me. I don't mean to bask in glory but I think now he realized how awesome I am personally (laughing my double-chin off) . Howevahhhh...I think I got a crush on him again. Whose a jerk now! Is it normal for a person like me whose been in a relationship to have a crush again? Ow-wee

Kajang hamba hanyalah mengkuang layu

Masakan kau sudi beradu
Memang jelas kata orang
kalau sayang
Kalau benci sama lah dengan aku
memang aku ,kau tak mahu


Luqman said...

dont dwell in it, unless..

k h a y said...

oh my, liana!haha.. crush saje, bukan in love. oh, hensem dr najmi x? hehehe.. =)

♥ Bella ♥ said...

it's normal. muehehe.

but just keep in mind it's somewhat like just a summer fling, but what you have in front of you (the bf) is still the best.

nekopachi said...

i think i get this..hmmm

Shairil F. said...

Pfft. Don't layan the loser. Nampak sangat dia kejar u for looks. Be friends, be nice, but dont be stewpiak. Kalau betul suka, then u know what u shud do FIRST.

I've been in the position where I'm the innocent third party. Its sucks and its not fair. Make the right choices yoh.

Fatimah Zafira Zaharan said...

Crushes are normal, I crush all the time 8D But just make sure you know your priorities, and you know what you REALLY want, and treasure it. :D

nekopachi said...

learn to differentiate crush and love , then it'll get less confusing. biasalah tu.