Greetings from C304

I still have a problem with adjusting myself to strangers.

Yesterday I went back to college to check-in. I've decided to stay with my former roommate, KT,and that left us with one person available since my college place 3 students per room. After browsing through available room, I chose a room with another girl from Sarawak. Little did I know she is an Iban girl. I purposely chose to stay with this girl because she's currently taking TESL which in my mind would be fun since I only mingle with students from the AKADEMI PENGAJIAN MELAYU all this while. So I went to check my room. She was there already with her relatives. They did not even greet nor smile. So I made the effort to shake hands with her aunt. After awhile I broke the silence by introducing myself .I asked if she don't mind staying with Semenanjung girl like me (because I heard people "overseas" don't mingle with people in the West coast). And to my surprise this was her responds

Liana tak kisah ke duduk dengan saya? Saya Christian.

I answered her calmly because if only people knew what my background was, educated in a Methodist and Convent school, I believe that it is nothing wrong as long she doesn't bring any haram food into the room.

I remember a story I heard before I moved to Kuantan and my school was opposite a church, I told my friend in KL about that and they say if I look at the church everyday I will slowly loosing my sight. As I grow up, I tend to accept everyone have their own believe and nothing is wrong to be friended with people from a different religion. Just when I thought she could adjust herself this what happened when my mother enter the room

Hi aunty, saya orang Christian.(elak dari bersalaman,maybe because my mother wear scarf)

Clearly she did not have any idea to represent herself. That is not what you say when you first meeting people. What is wrong with her being Christian staying with us the muslim. I hope I'm not making a big deal out of this but it just an experienced I just got to share. I have a friend who is a freethinker/atheist (although I wish I could meet with someone from Scientology) but to just mentioned like that to someone you just met it's not necessary. After all my mom doesn't mind AT ALL if she's not used to shake hands but memadailah dengan beri senyuman.

At this very age, it is alright for me to mix with other races because I know my faith and my kiblat. Don't be narrow minded to think that religion will be a barrier for you to stay under one roof.

My late uncle was a Christian and convert to Islam when he married my aunt. His brother is a pious man of Catholic church yet they stay under one roof until my uncle passed away. To add to up, my uncle's son is a tabligh who still have his electric guitar in his room. You tell me, who is interesting now?


Amar Syafiq said...

kamek sik kisah jugak tok! hee!

nekopachi said...

amar perasaaaaaaaannnnnn *flying kik*

standard la, mase ezan kat uni pun kene ala2 camtu. tak tahan dalam kelas agama, ade one girl sengaja raise the issue like "apa hukumnye sekolah di gereja, rosakkan aqidah mereka?" pastu nak berlagak tanye ustazah "ape hukumnye orang yang baca Al-Quran tapi tak faham makne? Adakah pahala bacaan mereka sama?"

(which is why u can agak why le i revert back to my old self coz most of ppl yg cenginh, name je bertudung tapi cetek sket in certain areas. BANYAK SANGAT K, ni bukan main reason, salah satu la penyebab)

Close minded tak hengat, sedih to see, ni perangai org org yg masuk university, kalau dok terperhak kat umah hulu nun di sana tu i faham la jgak.

Sekolah memane doesn't make u extra pious ke ape, it YOU, how YOU chose to live ur life. Heck adeje org tu dulu skolah agama gila kaw kaw ilmu tapi bila dh sampai umur meningkat, dia punya change jadi social lagi teruk, alcohol, woman, u name it, i've seen thse type of ppl. It is how you bawak diri sendiri, bukan sekolah or background mana, u choose your life.

Paling best bila ustazah dengan muka selamba jawab minah tu, "Lebih baik orang tu membaca Al-Quran walaupun tak faham dari dia tak baca lansung. At least dia ade sedikit sebanyak effort to get in touch with God"

Eh comment I ni macam takde kene mengena ngan cite u je hehe. Tapi gatal jugak nak taip, chaloo