I,die,a little,inside

I don't mean to be the person who surrounded by pessimistic attitude but I think my live revolves around negative thinking. I get annoyed exponentially , I judge people easily and mostly I'm selfish towards myself. I don't understand the meaning of adult that I'm enduring through. I wish someone would remind me when to stop. I have no self control. I do as I pleased to see how far I could go. I don't wanna leave a bleak future because of my gluttony, pride and most of all I don't wanna loose my composure. I talked through this with my parents actually. I swallowed all the nervous feelings and talked to them on how I wish to be guided through my tertiary level and daily live but their answer disappoint me. " Dah besar takkan tak boleh handle fikir mana elok mana tak". Yes I am different physically and mentally compared to 10 years ago but that doesn't mean all of my steps are taken through my rationality. I'm not saying I can't think properly but I really wish someone would let me know what I've done wrong that I'm able to take it as a constructive critique. I'm easily influenced and my curiosity sometimes outweighs the reality. So please talk me through. I'm willing to listen :)


Amar Syafiq said...

its good to always think positive towards people around you. But dont worry, you just need some time. At some point your thinking will be more rational that you will be able to judge people wisely able to control your feeling and whatsoever. Haha dont be so skema amar! xP

Luqman said...

all i can say is, we are humans. we cant expect things to always be perfect around us. but what we can do is, give it our best shot. prepare for the worst, work for the best and keeps our heads up all time :D humans are allowed to make mistake to learn.