My pet peeves

If I am to list my pet peeves it will be

  • People talk so loud as if the person they talked to were in another room, while I'm concentrating on my studies because I have exam at 830am
  • A girl who don't shaves her armpit for couple of months and wear sleeveless tops with kain batik
  • Individual who only complaints without making any effort, just whinning
  • A 15-minutes fame from music factory, and leave the younger kids goes crazy but after few years the performer gone with the wind (Remember the afro guy from Australia yg suara sedap tu)
  • Talking when my eyes are glued to the know my ears too so why are you talking to me still?
  • Individual who are not breed and raised in KL and knows selok belok KL
  • Last but not least, lelaki berambut hitam, blonde campuran tak ubah ayam serama dan mempunya lebihan rambut panjang di panggil "ekor rambut" ...da mcm akar tunjang LMA O!

BUT if you were to be someone close to me, living under one roof, your list of pet peeves COULD be :-

  • My level of laughter:from chuckling to giggle to LOL when Im watching my series of SCRUB ;))
  • The fact that I'm studious
  • I have messy table ,it almost an eyesore but it's the definition of ART
  • I talked in English on the phone so you dont really understand what Im saying, especially if you dont come from the Science background
  • I malas mandi hahaha! Yeah I bathe twice a day even the hotness reach 110 degree
  • I have a terrible mood swings, I can remain silence and throw tantrums if you annoy me by not being discipline (but this occur only once in a blue moon,mostly I blast internally)
  • I rap (out loud) occasionally, so....yeah :))
  • Last but not least,LIANA DON'T SHARE FOOD