I am the GOD of Blogshops


Statement maybe terlampau2 but I have addiction (and time) to scroll down every new updates from my favourite blogshops. And now that Ive advertise some of the blogshops to my friends, some of them are tempted to try on. But there are high risk for those who are not familiar with the term free size because whatever that looks good on the model, doesn't mean it look good on you too. There are some pretty gorgeous dresses and skirt with psychedelic colors and fancy pattern and affordable too SO for those who wanna try it for the first time, be sure to compare the prices and fabrics from the blogshops. There are some giving a top notch quality and some might leaving you looking like a street hooker. Kalau ada orang buat segmen "APA YANG TAK KENA" ,I wanna share some snippet with you too . The thing about blogshops "model" nowadays is they tend to pose mimic those high fashion poses. Lucky for those who have a slanky body and legs to die for but there are some who end up looking like "apa ni, tak jadi lah nak beli baju kat sini". So my advice is, look for those owner who sells item through manequeen, instead of these models ;)


elya said...

i am ur angel lah!! i da bengang sbb i byk gile shopping kat blogshop nih. habis duit sekelip mata!

Fatimah Zafira Zaharan said...

Hehe! I like the term 'muffin + camel toe' - you're so right about them using models, some of them memang tak menjadi langsung! >_<