Random Beat


It's the hard knock life for us
It's the hard knock life for us
Instead of treated we get tricked
Instead of kisses we get kicked
It's the hard knock life

Pelik, Im not fan of Big Lip Jigga Man tapi somehow most of the song I posted here are from his album. Maybe because there's some logic sense in his cockiness or a truth behind his ghetto mind. Siapa tak setuju when we say "money ain't a thang" or "how many times I told you,drugs?No" or even the feeling of being dominant in your own little twisted world of yours, at least for me (kalau dengar lagu dia mesti rasa nak jadi kaya) . But again it is emphasized that Im not a fan of him, but I like his music. To put into mathematical word

Tupac>Eminem>Kanye West>Jay Z :)