Same script different cast

World is a big stage for drama. There's an exposition of story after the birth of an individual. Through the plot and back drops, the casts play their role as a descendant, a daughter or a son, a student, a part of a society and the most fun part is as a lover. The scenes of a lover will filled with a melancholy songs, happy moments, tears and sacrifices. No matter how cliche it may sound, every drama will have almost the same love scene, same script, different cast. Each one of us have been or going through the love scene. Some of us deliver the line so perfect we almost delude the audience and our lover themselves. To put it in the real world,none of us will play a better role than a sweet talker. I am not writing an ending to the story of you an I created ,but through the life, we lived on this stage and people are watching. There are also some cast who cannot deliver the script well but it shows through their body gestures, their emotion, their tears and feelings. It will be a huge moment if the audience are drifted by the emotion he/she carries.A successful cast will graze your emotion and let you feel the same way as he/she feels inside. But if it fails, the message that should be deliver could be hanging or halt at certain place and time. To be in love, in the stage of drama will take a whole lot of you. The energy will out rule any thermodynamics principles you ever come across and to be in loved is to let yourself hurt sometimes. Love could veers to oxymoron. Something contradicting yet we still put our best foot on it. Love will only get complicated when ego n hormone collide but to overcome this is to share your thoughts even your partner(the other cast) feel the delicious taste of your vulnerability and anguish.It is ok to feel weak in the arm of your loved ones when they can rock your cradle because at times their love out weight your insecurities. Jangan tarik tali dalam bercinta. And when someone love you with all their heart, they won't bother if biological times taken its' toll when the moment comes (ok this might be too far but it is certainty). My advice is to be in love is to let go a bit of the dominance of your ego without losing your sense of dignity and independence of your own self.

buat sahabat yang jauh di mata, dekat di jari (dan peringatan untuk diri sendiri)


Luqman said...

waaa. why cant i write loikkkeeee this. its too beautifully written that i'm not sure i get the message ^^'

Nur Axiliana said...

eh dapat part akhir2 pun takpe :)