Hormonal writing


Learn the language of men. They thought women come from Mars, but guess what? They are cunning than a bacteria and slick like (fill in the blank). These are few lines than I can memorize after flipping through this interesting pocket book at Memory Lane.

"I love you forever"

- as long you are pretty, skinny,young and beautiful.

"Let's take your ride,instead of mine"

-because my car filled with empty cans of beer and running out of gas

"What's for dinner? Up to you-lah"

-at the end I'm gonna blame you for the lousy food and services

Clearly I have nothing intellectual to talk bout. But after reading a so called open letter from one of the hottest blog spot regarding men who only look at "the pretty type kind of girl" got me thinking of a theory that I came across on sexual selection. In the wild life, the female will usually go for the obvious ornaments on male although ornament is considered as "handicapped" because it is conspicuous. Another reason for it to choose the handicapped shows that the bearer shows superiority although with a less favoured characteristics. In detail, imagine an obese girl is chosen over a skinny girl because it clearly shows that although she is fat but she still survives and carry herself well compare to a skinny girl who is prone to if not physical disadvantage but mentally disturb as well. So maybe it is time for us to consider to have a look again at the less favoured characteristic such as plum, petite, FUN SIZE and not just the runaway type of girl. Bak kata adv Levi's -Curves,celebrate it :)

Brain & Boobs


a5th said...

i setuju dengan dua tangan ke atas, tapi kan awak, kenapa colour pilihan awak tu garang sangat? kak long kak long :)

Luqman said...

we ARE cunning. thankiu thankiu. haha. lol. debate2.

Imran said...

hehe..something we should think about

cyrusdavirus said...

dats something.. its all about sex & social life..

cyrusdavirus said...

terima kasih kerna mengvizit~