Oh My Hawt

KL is blazing hot lately despite the Earth Hour moderate participation. I almost forgot that I have an emotion-dustbin I call my blog. Yes friends you could not imagine what Ive been through this whole month. Endless report writing, assignments, test, traffic (well I chose that one,sapa suruh balik waktu puncak) and not forgetting a few chance-slipping-moment (I missed the interview at Perdana Siswa,they werelooking for volunteer to build a school in Africa!) and even missed the dateline (because I found out bout it 3 days before) the photography contest held personal by our to be PM-Najib Razak. This hustle and bustle have not stop yet since after exam I will have to attend another workshop organized by my lecturer but thats another story. My level of procrastination have been from plateu phase to threshold level as I was dealing with date lines from week to week. It's amazing how I always consider working under pressure because during that time I find myself at the most up beat ever. Conclusion nya I curb my procrastination habit a litttttttttttle bit (ada lagi saki baki celah gigi).
As exam approaching, I noticed this negative sydrome that will linger thru the suffocating air (oh-my-so-mediocre-metaphore). Kawan yang dulunya gelak sama-sama mula mengasingkan diri, every body is intimidated by every body. They start to ask if you have completed/half through your revision and if you say no -there will be some sort of relieve inside them. Kita menipu untuk puaskan hati orang/ kita menipu untuk disakiti lagi?
x: You dah buat ulangkaji?
y: Belum (padahal dah banyak)
x: I punnnn ,I takut la (padahal dia stay up mentelaah sampai 4 am!)
Itu syndrome wanita. well most of that I bumped into. Every one is a competitor to you and if it means to stab your friends on the verge of exam's day, you'll do it. I remember having a study group with my gfs back in high school, we were good enough to share our knowledge and our corny jokes just to get the nervous feeling fly away but now in the so call tertiary level, everyone will keep to themself fear that the other friend will do better. Yes I am jealous with those who are a fast learner . Sapa ckp tak jeles bila kawan tu memory kapasiti mcm 8gb padahal kita 512mb je. Despite all their ability I have my own strategy (which I will not share because if I do, I will proly end up as a motivator/kasi teknik jawab SPM) which keep me going from this level onwards. To my friends whom I know longer than this hypocrites I met, SELAMAT MENJAWAB PEPERIKSAAN :) *RHENDU LA KAT KORANG*


cyrusdavirus said...

anda ditag.. hurm~

Amar Syafiq said...

well u're actually true. bkn pompuan je tp laki pun sama. almost everybody will only keep to themselves and make sure they're ahead of everybody, tanpa disedari. dammit. i dont like that mentality. bknnya rugi pun kalau sama2 pandai. won't effect your cgpa pun.xpe la kalau niat tu baik Tuhan mesti tolong nye ;D