Tap tap tap

I miss listening to the sound of my own finger tapping and clicking on this empty screen but times have been the main restriction for me lately. Dinner event wnt well and I feel like a whole brand new day for me although I realized it's been less than a month before my final exam approaching. It's funny how when you look forward to what interest you the most but it turned out nothing yet when you were swamped with tasks and dateline, all of these activities you love the most come chasing and waving for you. Ingat lagi few month before bulan puasa, macam-macam benda ada like the CapZooed, weekend on street shooting and more bijou bazaar yet it was on the eve of my exam. Somehow I still find time for it (and regret later). The thing is, we always wanna do this little irrelevant thing on the most tense hour although we know we have a big chance of attending it later but this raging feelings of ours yang kurang bersabar buat kita neglect some of the importance stuff in life (like in my case is my studies). I know myself, during the hour of focusing endeavouring myself into the lecture notes, all sorts of idea for photo editing running into my head like some sort of bird chipping and singgah into the branch of my brain. Then the birds starts to sing "let's do the editing for few minutes then we'll get back to work again, I promise"
and I termakan kata-kata hati sendiri and being optimistic and determine that I will only have a break for few minutes when at the end I realized I've used 3 hours of it. There are alots of thing that can relate to my point that is when we do something I call guilty pleasure, kita akan cari alasan munasampah bahawa benda ni akan turned out to be positive at some point (break 5 minute stadi sbb otak da tepu padahal baru baca satu line of the paragraph). We control our indulgence ! Patut ada reminder somehow somewhere to tell us that "YOU SHOULD BE WORKING BY NOW" instead of "ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST...and trouble comes later"