The series of misfortunate event

At about 5am the whole UM was in pitch black. It last for about an hour until 6.15am. But in a jiffy after the electricity was on, it was black again til 7am. I knew my study plan for the morning test already ruined. Luckily I had another hour of break at 9am to revise here and there. After all I already submitted the answers. The results are just another chapter of my student's diary :P

Later after class I went for lunch (kononnya bosan dengan lunch meal at college) .I paid rm4.80 for my lunch which I thought comprise buttermilk chicken ,vege and potato .HOWEVER it turned out to be a tasteless kuah rempah and I could even taste brittle rock inside my mouth. That's the moment I stopped chewing and head on to college to get my lunch. Although lauk yang sama every week but at least I never encounter anything weird or gross inside the comestible.

So on my way back I met with Xu Pei Wen (comelnya dia ) .We were so excited to bump into each other(or was it just me) sampai I blurtted out "How ya going?" Instead of "how ya doing?"(not in Joey's tone of voice coz that will be another story LOL) Then lepas tu I terfikir, alamak mcm mana kalau ada sayur terlekat celah gigi?But naseb takda -____-""

Anywhow ,yesterday was our first day for our booth @ Citrawarna Za'ba. It went well and we even got a lucrative selling (but not sure if it cn top up our modal). We were selling "Bubble Tea Gerudi " It is basically flavoured water (chocolate with whipped cream & Honeydew with nata de coco) where we had ice and creamer and we shake it and serve it on this hot burning day hahah. Kebetulan ada plak mamat hensem nak beli and so I tergedik2 buatkan untuk dia (naseb la dia cakap sedap,perasan) Can't wait for my duty tonight!


k h a y said...

haiya u ni liana.. mcm2 btol..=D
booth tu saje2 bukak ke? mcm bes. =D