And I miss him

Why isit when we spend most of the time with an individual of opposite sex, we have the probability of 0.70 falling for them? When we meet and sharing our daily conversation, looking back through times we will think that we are growing with that somone. I watch his up and down in lives, how he had his bad hair day, he's crisis in life and how he fall for another girl. Now we haven't seen for quite sometimes due to the communication and economy crisis ,I miss how he laughed, how he always order a special type of martini at the bar, the way he sips his morning coffea and how he is yelled at different girls name everyday. Most of all I miss his sensitive part with his patients. I miss you John Dorian :) Hahahaha yes Im in love with a tv character :D


Imran said...

season 8 is out....hehehe,dah boleh melepas rindu