Mental Masturbation

It's a brand new day and I have ruled out most of check list regarding do's and dont's. The pressure are accumulating as the event approaching and I really hope everything will be on track by then. There were also some mistakes or disorganized work that I had jotted down on the back page of my little "work on load " book. But somehow I tend to critisized some of the works done by my friends. Infact not only me but some of the team. Yesterday we hung out and pour our heart out regarding our rasa tak puas hati . Memang sedap mengutuk kerja orang. Macam-macam bahasa keluar. It's mental mastubation.Beginning with a soften part of the story of the positive side of our problems and then become the climaks of harsh words and bentakan, muka semua berkerut2 mengutuk, adrenaline rushed to our head and heart beat increasing. Muka kitorg jadi merah padam thinking of the team work. All we need is a little sacrifice and cooperation but only a pinch of us have that attitude. I'm not being judgemental but some of the decisions are just preposterous. Things like this not only happen in the community but also at the outside world. We tend to criticize the work of others when we ourselves could not think of better way in handling a problem. We think that the person at the top of the organization ought to be perfect and smart in their work but little did we know, sometimes they also have no clue of what they're doing. Again I'm trying to be sensible and tolerant as possible. What I really hope is after leaving this place, I'll be someone who is reliable and with class. Not someone who is talam dua muka, kaki kipas, or somebody yang tikam dari belakang. Ive been feed with all sorts of prosprective of good and bad everyday. I just wanna be a good citizen.
*Mental masturbation consists of gossiping, sipping teh tarik and cicah roti canai and kari .Also mengerling to photographers with wide lense. It comprise of anything that make you day dream so high you could reach the sky and suddenly you back on the ground...THATS MENTAL MASTURBATION*