Pictures & Words

Okay, here’s the rule: Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below.Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer.After that tag 7 people.

(1)the age of next birthday-bad ass 21st >)

(2)place i’d like to travel -South Africa where the diamonds are :D

(3)favourite food-the combination of all the ingredients explodes in your mouth, my definition of aphrodisiac

(4)favourite place - Natural history museum, UK. I am a humble person and a grateful khalifah's of God
(5)nickname i had- Plywood by Marsheila Om ;)
(6)favourite colour- Purple ,resemble POWER! Other than that I also get along with black and white

(7)name of my love - Something I wont flaunt although I found his picture (scarry!)

(8)college major - Genetics . In short , have you ever wonder why a two red roses mated and the daughter become white?(in layman's sentence) or have u ever wonder why some people have 11 fingers? Genetics is the answer :)

(9)a hobby -Digital photography

10)bad habit - Shoe shopping to name few

(11)my wish list - to become one of the influential people like Peter Sanders

Tagging : 7 people you meet in blogspot ;))


S90 said...

salam.. tersesat dan menumpang membaca di sini ya..

NurAxiliana said...

yeah sure