Thou art HYPOCRISY (Part I)

I am sure many are stunned and shocked by yesterday's act by some of ours fathers,uncles and brothers (and a few mothers and sisters). After a holy ablution and sincere humble forgiveness from the almighty ,they take whatever they gained about an hour inside a mosque and threw it to the street of Kuala Kangsar. The reason I have not blog about it yesterday because I don't want to let anger and emotion overcome my words. I took time to become rasional and sensible with hope that what I'm typing do not come from a crappy mind. If each and everyone that participated in the coup d'etat yesterday was a voter on last March, they ought to feel dissapointed and angry of what had happened. However what's important besides the new appointed minister is the point that (some)people at Kuala Kangsar have lost their respect to the royals and the law. Sultan adalah lambang kedaulatan Melayu , tanpa Sultan ,Melayu hanya tinggal kulit sawa matang sebagai bukti . Itu pun tak boleh jadi bukti fosil sebab skins will decay. I am utterly ashmed of what they had done. Chanting "allahuakbar","laillahaillallah" etc untuk dapat semangat jihad. I saw on the television of one Pakcik clad in a black baju Melayu showing his fist to the FRU. What's that gotta do with fighting for democracy? Memalukan. Kalau Sultan pun dah tak hormat, macam mana nak hormat menteri besar ? Matlamat menghalalkan cara for them. Have you seen Ir Nizar speech? He totally does not resemble a quality of a leader from a so called Islamic Party Of Malaysia. Menjerit dan menemplak ,tak ubah mcm keldai. Yes you do not come from the package we called MAKSUM but at least ambil iktibar dari ciri-ciri kepimpinan Rasulallah. If you put me in a room confined with a politicians I could end up with mental block but as the new generations who abide by the rules of religion and country, and a citizen who learnt from the history, each and everyone who insults the Sultan ought to apologize . Sultan Perak and his sons are among the well respected in University Malaya and if you only street educated or sea educated,shame on you. The reason they acted so heroic is because they know that tulah(kekebalan Sultan) does not exist anymore but if you are Malay enough you should know the boundaries. For me, they are things better left unquestionable although it is inevitable to us that furiosity lead to curiosity. Again , from my humble opinion, (sesetengah)Melayu Kuala Kangsar sudah hilang maruahnya . Orang beriman adalah orang yang tenang bila menerima berita yang memeranjatkan. Sebab apa? Dia fikir sebelum bertindak. Maybe pakcik-pakcik di sana berfikir, tapi berfikir pendek.