It was predictable that we are not going to have tutorials for Genetics Resources & Conservation which to some of us the official day of no- lectures-for- the -week ends right when the clock striked 10am today. As for me, I will have to attend an hour of lecture tomorrow for Instrumentation. It's not the class that a bummer but the idea of waking up at 8am getting prepare for the class and knowing you have to get up for an hour class. AN HOUR! By the time the lecturer come it will only begin at 9.15am. He is going to pass up the attendance sheet and starting up the computer and projecter, it is going to be 9.20am. He is going to take another 5 minutes to make sure the students settle down. All and all the lecture will last for 40 minutes. That's the chronology and that is why I'm whinning. But, knowing I'm going to have a full weekend, I just gonna seat on the rocking stool and listen diligently to the lecturer.
The previous post regarding what's behind my name are quite true for some of the points. When giving a task, I am looking forward to finish it and putting myself on the verge of anger management, sleepless nights and constantly distracted. I have been dealing with stress since school's day yet there are times I am plain stupid without having idea how to handle it. Working as a team sometimes could instigating pissing off towards some of the members. Some are just lazy ass and some acted like a dogs,barking their ass off without any outcome at the end.They wanna be the centre of attention by giving all kinds of ideas and plans when at the end they just neglect what they have said. Being little paranoia, sometimes I need my members to constantly report to me if they have done their works since we all racing against due dates. All we need is a break since we are not perfect . It's not easy to deal with birocracy in this college. What matter is, I'm doing the best in my work and putting as much effort as in studies and the outcome I hope will be satisfying. If we work just to pleasure others without satisfying ourself first, I don't think it's worth it. Lots of this work doesn't credit me with anything accept experience and skills for my future and one thing for sure, they are many sacrifice to be made (especially in terms of times). Again, can I really work as a team? Im sure I can handle it, but can you handle me? ;)