Youth and their obsession

Youth 2009 turned out the way I expected it to be. Massive crowd with attitudes, group gathering,thunders of flashes from the cameras with hundreds of money spent for the shopaholic (im so fortunate as my iman quit teguh that day). But what frustrating was no more section on where they put around 20-50 computers and you can layan all sorts of blogs there.I bagi 3 stars for the event *** . Watching today's youth grow up remind me of how I used to be. Trying to fix and be "in the crowd". In my p.o.v there are certain rules to be accepted that is you have to walk in a group of 4-5. You must be dress to impress, talk loud and just feel the vibe of the event. And clearly today youth have a way extreme sense of fashion. From old gerobok of their aunts and mothers to the most expensive boutique that colors the sidewalk of Bukit Bintang. Not forgetting todays youth are ARMED with the latest gadgets and cool accessories such as (yes you guess it right) the big fancy camera (the bigger it is the better for some,even I enjoyed watching people breaking their neck carrying big lens),earplug incase you have an iPot(mangkuk musik) and many other cool stuff that enough to make our parents' pockets drain. Im not being hypocrite or sarcastic as I myself been thru that phases of life where I began to search for my identity inside my black historic-filled serebrum and baggy pants. I once thought that I am the sawo matang version of Malcolm X as I was spreading the words of hiphop and yet not forgetting my academic and religion. But that feeling of patriotism and hiphop-ism seems to fade away as I grow but believe me ( there's a little tiny bit of hiphop beating with my heart). I don't know what are these kids up to nowadays but as for me, I have my own objectives when I'm into something.After 6 months of owning a camera, I dream of capturing a moment of life and share it to the people out there but the aim is for the viewer to think how that the person behind the picture to produce picture with a RARE angle. And I wanna give live to my pictures. Clearly Im not just another kid yang beli camera just because I can afford it and to brag bout it.Another example is I take what is in the lyrics of the rapper (in my case) shake it and blend it and fix it to the society in Malaysia. That is to be strong mentally and physically i.e in facing the hustle and bustle of life. I admit that everywhere I go, I will always injected some sort of good knowledge into it. So next time you go for a gig, don't just enjoy the music and the crowd,but think of whats behind the whole idea of BESIDES having fun. So much in my mind that I dont even know what Im talking bout! Im drifted by my own thought. Again what Im trying to be deliver is jangan ikut rentak orang kalau tak tahu menari hahah!
p/s:after reading this post, do you think Im much of a hater?


Anonymous said...

hye..tak nampak pun mase youth 09? tgk tak lomowall?nyway..nak tgkp moments?travel jom?huhu

Lianapedia said...

i was there and u were bz i guess (i pun tak nampak u but amar said u were there) and masa tu tgh syok layan dj anowl haha. gigantic wall beb!