Ada apa dengan kawan?

It was Monday and I had the shock of my life. I know its been like 3 weeks after the new year and I haven't message some of my friends wishing them a good year ahead,especially to this particular girl. I have known her virtually for the last 8 years. There was things that she said that I would always remember. Although sometimes she nagged and cursed it never bother me because I accept her for what she is. There was also times where she would message me at the middle of the night reminiscing the good old days with her late cousin 'Mo with us.('Mo died in an accident on 2003 if Im not mistaken). Nothing innuendo bout it. Just a pure friendship. But that Monday night I message her and this is what she replied
"Kecik ke?aku delete number kau because its a new year reso i made for a friend who doesnt put any effort in frienfship". My jaw gaped. What the hell is she talking bout? It's not that I have not put effort but the time never right for us to meet and she wouldnt even reply a simple hello most of the time. I realized that Im not the centre stage of everyone life. Even though I always think of my friends,I know sometimes they don;t bother to think of me or even asking how was I doing. I think it is because Im in a relationship that they don't really take notice.But again it just a negative assumpation I always make.Plus its ackwerd to be texting your bff 24/7. But back to my virtual friends, it got me thinking ,am I suck at friendship? I admit it sometimes I had MIA syndrome but that doesnt me I totally forgot bout my friends. Deep inside I always pray for their success and health so that we could have more fun time although we sandwich between studies and social activities.
Tak kisah lah,nak kawan sudah,tak nak kawan tetek kau sebelah, I got more things to think of. besides I have a fun-funny-furry-gemok friend, Awang Putat.
Tepok sama tepok
Sorak sama sorak
remuk kita kita remuk kita sendiri yang retak
Tawa sama tawa
Riang sama riang
Sedih pilu hampa
Kita sendiri yang terlentang


Aqilah Qiqi said...

aiyaya dats what she replied? woosh~

oh btw, sori for d late reply.. i know i was suppose to text u last nyte bout the notes, but ive been reli reli bz dis whole week, ill get back to you ASAP okay? don't delete my number tau? lol

a5th said...

haha! pecah gak i ngn qiqi ni:))
i delete dah no you liana, tapi sentiasa igt. jgn risau:) we got your back dude! ohh.. gal!:))

Lianapedia said...

haha fifi i tak pernah ingat num u pon :P qiqi busy dengan pilihan raya campus :D

fatin FIONA said...

i x delete no you pon eventhough i kat negara lain..;))

Luqman said...

u ade handphone ke? bkn tu no org ke? ahaha :P

Imran said...

haha..MIA syndrome.tau2...but iknow u...u'll never forget us(kawan2) :D