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I cant seem em coming down my eyes
so I gotta make the song cry

I cant see em coming down my eyes
so I gotta make the song cry

As the song blaring into my headphones, I sat down and began to type. Many good news and not so good news I received this week of my 2nd semester. The not so good news will be that for the 1st time of my 2nd year in the university I'll be having a 3 hours lecture on Friday. There goes my official balik rumah day for the whole semester. I guess I won't be in the Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu (PBSM) any longer. But again gotta make use of the idle time ,talking bout time management.

Here comes the good news part *drum rolls* I met up with my DNA Recombinant Technology's lecturer Dr Chan and I found out that I didnt fail his subject. Infact I passed with flying colours *big grinned showing off my naked bracess* There was a technical problem with the marking system. That will be a gigantic enormous relieve for me. I back on my feet to the ground again after so long hanging on the papan terjun to make a big jump into the ocean knowing my life will be ruined(but that was before I know I did well) Syukur :) However the downside is I have to wait for the university procedure to get back my real result. Which probably at the end of the semester. Although a little bit of anxiety and discomfort waiting for it ,what to do :( Oh and did I tell you that my lecturer claimed himself as a bugger for messing it up?Indeed.

So what did I do on friday ,when Im supposed to be back kickin back at home gomol-ing my Awangs? The lecture turned out to be interesting as we got to do a tour on the lab which soon to be my playground. It suffocating with weird smell but filled with equipment and solvent and samples which need to be analyze and studied (and to take home few for personal collection,hehe) Here are some of the pictures I managed to snap to share with ya'll.

Btw, my previous post do not get much respond as I thought. What would I do to make people move their mouse to my site? Clearly self potrait not gonna be it. Taboo topic? Myself not so sure bout it . Probably some sexual disease or cancer perhaps (tidooooo)

DNA Fragment


big fat juicy camera lense

oh the so famous csi scene @@


a5th said...

hey! congratz keling!:)

Aqilah Qiqi said...

waahhhh congrats to you babe!
haha, boleh la i pakai your notes, and hopefully ill get excellent grades like you did! :)