English and religion

I could not sleep last night that brought me to my own self analysis of my few plans for this year. Regarding religion, self confidence and the event of my demise (ok this may sounds awkward and unappropriated). The other day when I read(red) through the Star,there are groups of so called educator in Malaysia who against the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English. One of the reason is because Science and Mathematics only require formula and not necessarily a good grasp of grammar. In my opinion this excuse is come from of a narrow minded individual. Even worse for those who come up with the idea that students will not be able to recite Quran if they decide to make English as their daily language. This educator clearly wanna make their live easy while jeopardizing the future of young Malaysians.If they don't get a grasp of the international language now, when will be the right time? Kalau melentur lidah,biar dari awal. Tak la keras bila sebut 6 (instead of six you hear SICK/SID/SIT/SEGHK). However persatuan pendidik not to be blame entirely because as the rulers changed,the policies also changed and making the teachers need to attend seminars,courses while teaching their students at the same time. But again when there's a will there's a way. People look up to teachers so please don't ruin your reputation. But what does English have to do with the self analysis early?That is because I rarely read any Islam article like in Mingguan Utusan about history of Islam, aqidah section, tanya jawab soalan dengan pakar agama in any of the English written newspaper. Why is this happening? One of the major factor I believe is that our pendakwah think that Islam should be spread by Arab and Malay language in this country. Don't you think that is just a confining piece of mind? Second factor could be our pendakwah are not fluent in English written or English spoken. Or maybe Islam article cannot be publish in an English newspaper because of the company policy. Again it is just a humble opinion of mine which I think need to be considered. Say your mind reader :)


Imran said...

ok..1st of all its true that theres a gap btween budak sek bandar dan budak sek luar bandar due to external factor like family bground etc..but cant be the reason to totally reject the idea of teaching S n M in eng language.and its ridiculous to say that stdnt will noe be able to recite quran...totally unrelated(kalau dah mls mengaji,malaikat dari langit ajar pun takkan pandai)
It's really sad that this came up from a group of educator who should set a good example(after parents).Lastly english is the medium language for knowledge(as i hate to say it)..kt library pun kebanyakkan buku bahasa inggeris.kalau utk dpt ilmu tu gune bahasa inggeris,tak salah bljr kn?rasullullah kata"tuntutlah ilmu walau sampai ke negara cina"
tgk...penting kan ilmu tu.

Luqman said...

sooner or later bile da masuk uni kene blaja things in english gak mostly. ala, typical malays, i dont blame them, if i were them and my english isnt that good, i would in the front protesting all this. on 2nd thought, you must see this, some are just not good in english and it will takes time for the teachers to become fluent in english. can you imagine in the mean time what will happen to the students being taught by someone using broken english. its pathetic! same goes for the pendakwah and all, if you see me, i can speak and joke and fool around in bahasa easily, but if you start to speak to me in english, daymm. haha. imagine someone 40yrs old ++ speaking malay their whole life, suddenly nk kene berubah. not changes isnt good. its just not that easy. its better for them to use a medium that they are best fluent so the message can be passed on clearly and easy to understand(pendakwah). teachers, hmm, you cant teach something you yourself cant learn. ahaha. rant rant rant

syimir said...

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