Rain started to pour as my fingers started to dance in this keyboard. My Immunology notes left untouched and few pages have torn apart. So new year huh? I flipped through newspapers today and fireworks filled the pages with people talking bout their resolution and not forgetting the best price of stuffs Giant, Carrefour, Cold Storage and Low Yatt got to offer. fortiefofifty! Now they even have a 1T external drive when I was only hoping I got 250GB will do. People were fussing bout their new resolution and wish list and as for me, it is better I keep it to my self rather than go out loud with it. After all, my wish list are not available in store. But okayyy Im'ma give u a sip of my resolution that is to improve my skills on PS, yes babyh. One of the reason is not becaus I wanna brag on how good I am later so that people will leave 100s of comments (yela tu) but to ensure that Im getting good quality of pictures when I print em. And also to improve my photography skills. I am intimidating by them friendly photographer as I was always malu2 kambing to take a snap from the models. So here goes my first blog of the year 2009. Yeah thats it.

p/s:Sempat lagi ke nak selamatkan anak melayu,aku bertanya


Luqman said...

baiklah. saya faham :P

Anonymous said...

jom outing street photo...ajak nyamuk skali haha..