Blacky and 3pm scene

My last lecture ended at 12 noon today. After a lunch at dewan makan and layan few episodes of Scrub, my mom came and picked me up at college. She told me that one of our cat Blacky a.k.a Awang Kenit was trapped in an abandoned unit in our apartment. He was trapped since 10 am and he couldnt find his way back. Maybe he tripped and fell into the house or somebody made a practical joke by placing him in that unit I dont know. So we had our lunch at Ampang. My mom couldnt let her mind wander if her cat is okay and I came up with this silly n grand idea of calling the bomba! The operator spoke the most well known international language, Kelantanglish! He pissed me off several times as if it's not a big deal for a cat to be trapped inside an empty apartment. If only animal rescue was available in Malaysia I thought. At 3 something the bomba came which in my idea dia akan bawak few people and a ladder since Ive explained the situation. It turned out dia bawak the big orange bomba truck to my so called little ghetto. Siap dgn siren. Keluar la smeua the curious cats and residence. Peh style gak. They are all tall and buff and...speak Kelantanglish (turned off terus).Few seconds later all I know was we all stood in front of the unit and one of em dgn macho nya tarik grill dengan kudrat yg ada (agak malu sebab kalau dari awal tau blh tarik grill kan senang) And the search for my lost Blacky begun. Luckily he was not hurt and we thanked the bomba man. They have been very kind to come all the way from Setapak just for the sake of my monochromatic little friend Blacky :)


Tim said...

like a scene from an anime. AHAH! glad he's safe XD