24 hours of boredom

First day of the new semester. The pavement seems less crowded. The pedestrian all one faced. The sun shines bright at the top of my naked head. My sponge bob umbrella? Saved and sound inside my bag. Many of my friends were in their deep slumber .Some of them not even back from the holiday since it is 'add and drop week'. There was a misunderstanding bout my lecture venue today causing me to go back and forth up and down the hill of 15 minutes walking. Masuk lecture room skali dapat cikgu lembut. Auw! But again who needs a sour faced lecturer who only perli tak pasal2. Back at college for dinner I was charged rm20 for losing my kad makan. For a piece of shitty card makan I was fined. Cekhik daghgah. Its been only 1 day here and boredom have taken its toll. Bohsan sampai sakit perut. This wall are talking to me. Do your pre reading Liana~Get ready for tomorrow lectures but my hands are too weakkkk to even lift up the pages of my heavy text books. Too heavy. Sloth. Sloth. Sleepy. But then thanks again to my DVD collection for entertaining me. Im saving up my money so I can get even more Dvds. Did I not tell you that Ive been chased...again by the monkeys :( Jangan la kacau! Anyhow, I miss you (you know,you!yeah you. why r u smiling sheepishly?)


syimir said...

monkey pun nak ngorat you?nyamuk ko dah ader pesaing!!!