Currently packing

Im half way packing for the new semester. Some of my friends were already back at college. For those who are not from KL,Midvalley is one of their playground. That is why at times like this Im avoiding Megamall because I may bumped into one of them. So here goes(probably) my last post of the week. Clothes are ironed, books are arranged, stationary are stuffed and most of all mentally Im ready. Physically? I have to bear with the stench of my colleges, the monkeys and rats. Not forgetting the same ol same ol lunch menu that making my skin even irritating. Banyak complaint but at the end inilah tempat menuntut ilmu. No more waking up to my cats mewing or the sight of the internet. Now kena tune balik bangun at 6am to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I am excited and in doubt at the same time. Can I make it this semester? Jangan la hangat2 taik ayam. This time everything must be written in a daily plan so that I wont procrastinate or procrastinate and procrastinate.
Salam Maal Hijrah and Happy New Year everybody!


syimir said...

selalunyer semangat awal sem camtu...kita tgk di tgh sem...haha

Lianapedia said...

time study week segala penyesalan timbul hahah