World's AIDS Day

Today is World's AIDS Day. Along the way,Malaysia are curbing and preventing this disease from spreading. Apart from larian and whole bunch of seminar regarding this disease, the numbers of victims are still fluctuating. AIDS is like the eternal punishment for those whose been enjoying their life a little bit to the extreme. And if you die by AIDS,it shows how you live your life to the fullest. If you die of diarrhea, then people will know you don't practise a good hygiene. So,AIDS it's not something to be ashamed of :P The media always put all sort of negatives thing to us regarding this disease when it is actually nothing much to be afraid of as the virus dies together with the deceased. It's not going to be replicating after the body stop functioning. So when you die, the virus will die together with you. Baik kan? Hidup mati bersama ,setia sungguh! What I should enlighten you is bout prions. It's not a virus,not a bacteria nor a kelumumur. It's a protein without a nucleus. You cannot categorized it as a living thing when it does not have nucleus where the DNA resides. It's pretty scarry how this form of "thing" can cause a neurodegenaracy effect. Whether it's your brain or saraf. In Europe, it is the caused for mad cow disease. This form of disease are the one we should be worried bout. It came out of nowhere and infecting mammals and.. mammals! Therefore,let us pay much attention to this sort of persatuan underground rather than focusing on AIDS yg dah berpuluh2 tahun takda cure. Little that we know, there are another form of life that exists and waiting to strike..Just like the superbugs. Okkkk let us not let me go on and on. I hope I can share a little bit of my knowledge to you :)
The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children