High stress level within

Tomorrow I'll be signing up for my next semester courses. How Im feeling currently?ecstatic yet nervous. This whole azam thingy have become total bullshit for me since I will always walked away from trying so hard. I find my self lack of commitment lately. Besides, my desire towards achieving my aims no matter how simple the task is always distrupted easily because of tendency of multitasking. Another problem of mine is procrastinating. I shall put it as my middle name. Wheater it is a simple house chore or filling up the fuel, I procrastinate! Perhaps this is due to my attitude of doing things at the very last minute because I believe there will always time for me. The truth is,I realize that I never take things seriously. Weather it's my studies or my daily job. Sometimes I feel as if I'm study for the sake of examination.Or maybe it is matter of time when I ought to apply what Ive learned. But definitely not now. So what did I do was,picked up a pen and a piece of paper and start writing out all the mistakes I did during my first semester and it turned out to be awful yet wakening. Thus I know I should bring back myself control and be a better person,starting...NOW!No more delaying works, must keep tidy ect. Times wait for no women!

Faint heart never won fair lady-To succeed in life one must have the courage to pursue what he wants.