It's been a while since I attended wedding. So this time it was held in Temerloh,Pahang. Damn sure it was in Temerloh when it is actually in Bera which was 42km from Pekan Temerloh! Can you imagine the growling of our gastronomials knowing its already 1pm and we still lost. With our human GPRS, we stopped at 3 Petronas to get to the bridegroom's house. The bumpy road and selok belok made me noxious but the most fun part was the funny and absurd name I came across along the way. Masa kitorg sesat tu, we found out that we were at Tanjung Keramat! ..when we actually at Temerloh .Can you get the joke? But before that kitorg lalu Kg Raja Sonsang. Ntah apa yang sonsang, agama ke?or time dia lahir? After kilometers away, here we are at Kg Buntut Pulau. What kind of geographic term that mean? After ntah berapa minit we almost reach the bridegroom's house and I came across another name. This time it's a company signboard "Bera K Trading"..berak?LMAO! That is totally misfortunate. Memang takda "ong"!

Anyway I was thinking of purchasing

a vest, what do you think? Should I or shouldn't I?


a5th said...

this vest? or other kind? colourful tp mcm susa nk kene je? btw, nama2 kg tu agak pecah gak lah. haha!

Imran said...
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Imran said...

yes u shud...u look great in those