And after a good breakfast today, I still could not figure something to talk bout. But after sometimes, I decided to talk bout respect. Children ought to respect their parents. Because they provide us shelter,food and ofcourse unconditional love. However, do we gain respect from our parents? In my situation, I am always asked bout where to dine or where to go, giving me some sort of decision maker sometimes. But whether they agree on me or not,does it a form of respect?I only realized my parents kinda listen to what I'm actually saying after I entered matriculation. Parents have to agree with their children sometimes ,and is this show their respect to us? Some of us may not excel in studies but are street smart. Do they get the same respect too? Do you realize that parents HARDLY admit that they are wrong?And what if we confronted them and politely tell them what they have done wrong and they get mad at us back,do they not respect us?Afterall,do we really need to be respect by our parents ?If only they know what we had done behind their back >)

I admit it. I have this stereotype thinking of policemen and the authority. Just because you think you're one level higher from the society, that does not mean you need not to respect us. Walking with your attire,smirking at passers by,being rude to thet rakyat(unless rakyat kenal org atasan,ur start to kiss their ass by being extra nice). Your such an eyesore to me,man in uniform.With your double standard attitude,you should RESPECT us!

Besides that,this whole fatwa thingy bugging me as the muslim becomes a laughing stock to the non muslim. I feel ashamed and angry. I felt ashamed because I do not have enough knowledge on my religion to back fire those who make fun of the jabatan agama people and I felt angry because the non muslim take our religion as most narrow minded one. I got an email saying that the next fatwa will be prohibiting the muslim from entering Penang as the chinese population arehigh there. Cmon,are we that bad?Those behind the email is/are narrow minded too. So please respect the fatwa maker,as they know whats best. I know I disagree with them before,but its a simple matter, tak boleh yoga,you do yogurt or other stuff. Theres pleenttyyyy of way to get healthy.

For me,I respect my teachers and lecturers the most. Because I spend most of my day time with them. They might been a pain in the ass,as much they think of me, but they made me who I am today. So cikgu dan Prof/Dr, although you failed me on purpose *alasannya society responsibility* I will always respect you :)

As the saying goes,the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. No matter how bad or good we are, we gonna confront all the problem infront of us. And if you having problem respecting people, the least you can do is just smile. Do not ever think that the person infront of you do not deserved to be respected :)


Imran said...

steet smart..loike that

jasmine said...

hey there,was waaay to bored so i just thought of checkin out your blog.what caught my attention (pretty obvious) was the whole issue on yoga. what you said was correct-there are many other ways to stay healthy. however, if a person practising yoga did not feel comfortable with it, m pretty sure he/she would have stopped, who would wanna continue doing something that they aren't comfy with. and there are many muslims still practising yoga, clearly coz they don't feel anything weird in it and stuffs like that. talking about respect, why can't the fatwa council respect the decision of these muslims? by doing this,it's quite clear(like what hasima says) that the council themselves have no faith and respect in malaysian muslims.and like you said again,yes,they know what they're doing, but i think it's kinda absurd to restrict muslims from doing many things. and i too received the mail about the whole penang thing and all that. as crazy as that might have been, i wouldn't be surprised if it really happens.after all,it's malaysia--malaysia boleh,kan? ;) just my opinion,no offence girl..