Diary of an addict

I always tell myself that this will be the last time. But I know it is not going to be. I will always go to the place and indulge myself until I feel so tired and weak. I could not help myself but to succumb to this monthly dosage. Im a hypocrite. Im a liar. Most of all Im a sinner. The more time I spent infront of it, the more I splurge and at the end I feel satisfied and guilty. But I never regret what Ive done to my self and the moneyI spent. At the end it gives me some sort of therapy and sanity. I hope I dont sink myself to the bottom. I wanna gain my self control again. Im sorry to what Ive done..Im a SHOPAHOLIC and this is "probably" the last thing I bought for this year :D And if the blogger send an email saying it is out of stock, I may b happy I dont spend this time . But I will kill for those Gladiator! Come to mama ;)


wAnzAhidi said...

girls and shoes..its a universal thing, ey? =)