To Photoshop,with Love

Thanks to the internet, I could subscribe photoshop online tutorial every single day! This is what Ive been waiting to do eversince holiday started. Now I am proud to say maju setapak in this software ;) I could use a few shortcut keys and things are pretty easy and quick now . I wonder who else in my course into photoshop? My current on going projct is to come up with a programme book design for my college annual dinner. I can imagine how my ahli biro going to submit their design. Lukisan tangan dengan pensil warna. Its authentic yet the quality are so-so. But original! Thats important. But again, not everybody are exposed to this software. If not for Amar&Mojo who lend me their version of photoshop, I might be as well not pro enough in designing stuff. Back in high school, my editing mostly influenced by Emily The Strange and Evanescence. How funny to look at those pictures again. But time after time, I started to use the manual way to edit instead of Filter. Learn through observation. If only Biology is as interestinng as this. As I go up one level I found the text books are dull, less pictures and colors. All they provide are diagrams,statistics and tables. Makin tua makin berisi otakknya,makin pelupa jadinya so why not keep on supplying us with colored diagram and animation!

This is one of the piece of 2004 that survived the Trojan War, if you know what I mean ;)