The Significant Other

There he was clad in a brown shirt with a pair of faded jeans. I reached my hands to him for greeting and he led me to McD for our first meet up. I was in a good mood because I just attended Hari Anugerah Cemerlang CBN 04/05. I was 17 and I figured at this age, Im ready to meet new people .I was ready and Ive broaden my perspective towards a new relationship. Since I was in standard 6, I was only close to Kamal, but ever since he moved to Unisel I figured out time to meet new people :)

And there were us sitting face to face after 100's of messages sent. 1 thing I realized was he will only message after 9pm few weeks back. So we chat and get to know each other before he sent me off for tuition. I was thinking this could be the last time as I was not an interesting character after all. Time goes by and we remain friends,suprisingly! I found him very humble, reserved and protective. Although my mind telling something is sparkling between us but I never really take notice until one day he asked me to be someone special in his life. The most memorable part was, masa tu cuti sebab Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) was having this hazardous haze. Weekend at Kasturi was something I look forward to. Besides catching up with Fatin,I get to hang out with my boo ;) Masa tu rasa dialah paling cool sebab bawak letrik guitar dia pegi tuition! :P A year passed by and we still holding strong. Sekali tengok2 sama tempat foundation! That was really the time we bond (dating every week dekat library) We faced a lot of trials and tribulation , inclding break up untuk beberapa jam-hari. Im not sure precisely of what happened but tension really took control and I am to blame. There are things I regret in this relationship but he always gives me space for improvement and being patience with my annoying mood swings and curses bila traffic jam :( He was the one to cheer me up although he knows im the most wrong person in this world(sebab selalu gaduh dengan my mom),he will be the 1st one to text me each morning,and the last voice I hear everyday before I go to bed. Although sometimes you being irritating,absurd,and spoilt, I will always here for you ,a shoulder to lean on!Yep you're a total nuisance when you start to sing Spiderpig,or when you sing that hapa benda iron maiden songs!

Ahmad Najmie Bin Abd Aziz.TQ for the wonderful 3 years and 4 months equivalent to approximately 1215 days and counting :)


Tim said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA congratulations looove!!! :D :D :D semoga sampai ke jinjang pelamin and beyooond!

fatin FIONA said...

dearie =))
my name is mentioned there..hehe
missing our kasturi life.
ingt x mkn mamak?
so sweet of u guys
i pray for u guys berjodoh
remember ur wedding kna bau dettol
sbb ade sheila n i.

AiN said...

hope ur relationship with najmie will last forever and dont forget to invite bila dah tiba masanya ea even we never meet each other.hehe.
take cr cs!

Lianapedia said...

woooo u girls were paying attention to this post. tq for the wishes :)