How would you feel to be quarantine in a building with a flesh eating undead human ?Are you brave enough to endure the fast spreading virus after you in contact with the undead human? How do you live your last moment trying to survive and getting out of the building alive? The movie I watched today may not have a strong moral values but I love the approach of the movie, from a first person point of view. Unlike Cloverfield with a twist at the end of the movie, and for me one of the best ending besides Beowulf, the ending of Quarantine somehow savage, disgusting and questionable. One of the stereotype I found was that the American authority was willing to kill several of their surveillance just to hide their own weakness in preventing the disease from spreading or simply to shut down the case . The act of man slaughtering is common in America perhaps,so that the disease could not be spreading to another county and claim many lives. Cewah I could actually postulate more than 1 thing! Another point that could be argue throughout the movie is about science ethique that is not abide by the scientist. At the end of the movie,the last 2 persons that remain inside the building discovered a tunggang-langgang lab under the building. It shows that the scientist is totally not responsible of his act by experimenting with a so called underground project by himself/his team. In a nutshell, its an interesting movie ,because of its approach yet it leave you with many unanswered questions at the end. Kalau nak buat movie pasal science,must come along with argumentation...because science need a logic answer :D walau kelentong mcm mana pun,as long as it is logic and with a strong fundamental of science. Macam Xfiles ;)
p/s:I found myself could not stop eating and talking when Im with you