Dunia masing-masing Pt II

It's been a week? since I sign up for this blog. At the mean time, I have close friends and invicible fan I called Notch whose been a follower. Tq for all the comments. Sometimes I wander around Robin's page seeing all of his mindless reckless blogger. It's like their taking their own rage and anger and express it on the keyboard. Carefull on the high blood pressure! Bukan perli tapi dari hati dan mata ini. I can read everything thats going on with them. All walks of life have a blog it seems. A friend of mine deleted her account because she believes that this whole blogging thing is just overrated. But for me, Im savouring the moment. Baca la sepuas hati! :)
Some are pissed with the hectic day(s), some are just plain bored without anything to fill up this holiday while some busy enjoying their holidays which left only 2 weeks from now. To sum it all, they talked about what's close to them. Party,Love,Money,Experience, New adventure or even their vivid memory with loved ones ;) As I only go blogging once a day, I really took time to type and think because I dont want to come out with something like...hari ni keluar dgn Notch. Bestttt.Sila comment :P Hell nawww! So Im'ma blog about something that is close to me/what my expertise are *talent to do nothing huh* takkan nak cakap pasal ekonomi,politics or agama when Im not good at it. Salah fakta nanti. Besides, I dont find blogging is time consuming because "my friends and I" believe that thru blogging,we really send the message to our readers/followers what we truly feel. Moreover I found its a therapy for me besides online shopping ;D
Nobody really knows who behind those PC's but the truth is everybody reading the blog will surely knows what the blogger trying to tell you about. Wheather it's a lie or bragging just to make you look cool ,it is up to the reader to decide. Kalau dah teman2 rapat yg jadi follower,nak tipu pun mcm mana :P
P/s: House,why don't you write something about persuasive opinion of yours ;)
Robin, thank you for being there as a friend and cheering me up. God had given you a gift to make people happy although deep inside you're hurting. Kita patut ada moto.u know ;)
Notch...xoxoxxx :D