Esok raya!

I was with my mom for shopping spree today. I didnt bought anything except for a pair of baju kurung ,adding collection for my attire to lecture hall :P She was suprised I didnt asked for anything "out-of-ordinary" items like I used to ask for. Tak nak jadi hypocrites sebab sesuatu melanda anakandamu bonda ;( So I just accomponied her to KLCC getting stuff for thier anniversary (8/12/2008) *22years of marriage*Happy anniversary ibu and baba* After a dinner we continued our plan to get her parfume. But we stopped at the Signature's KLCC to get some dessert. As my mom were at the counter paying for it, I went to the concourse to look at the 5 storey tall of gigantic Xmas tree they have. It's so vibrant in color, with santa at the bottom of the tree riding his sledge,the tree was decorated with ginger breadman,snow man yang hidungnya dah patah, glitters and those stripey red and white candy and also anything that you could think of the Xmas tree. As I walked approaching the tree I saw this man dress ala2 Anuar Zain/penyanyi Hong Kong in dark blazer ,nice suite I thought. He was carrying a briefcase with him. So I thought apa la keje org ni agaknya, hari Ahad dress smart macam ni. Whatever lah. So we made paced to Isetan ,down the escalator. Suddenly I heard a voice comming from the back "excuse me,nak mintak beberapa minit untuk explain yang saya sedang menjalankan tawaran diskaun perfume original Polo Ralph Lauren ,kalau student dapat 80%. Hari ini saja" Danggg it was the guy I saw just know. So he took out an "original" box of Ralph Lauren Cool, blue capped (I know because I wearing the purple caped,Ralph Lauren-HOT :) ) . He took out the parfume from his LAPTOP BRIEFCASE! Okkkk this guy is typical lelaki KL yg tak boleh percaya I thought. And my mom was excited to hear a 100ml perfume for only RM60! He sprayed a puff on my mother's wrist. Being paranoid I am,I was worried this guy going to hypnotized her for money. So I quickly asked for his ID and he gave this lame excuses saying oh office saya kat atas,tertinggal ID. My mom also ask for his business card but he said he didnt have any as he was only helping his friends with this work. WTF! And then the real joke started when he asked for my phone number.Memang tak ar! Then my mother almost gave him ,her mobile number and I suddenly cut off their conversation. So we walked away without purchasing his iem. Then questions were bugging our mind. Did he steal those perfumes? What if we buy from him and at the exit door the detector start to beep? How did he get pay? Is the perfume really original? Why out of all people ,he came to us? Tak sangka la a well dressed man macam tu did this kind of job. Its not berdosa,not hina,tapi pelik and almost mcm this guy mcm jenis pandai cakap. Bag laptop isi kotak perfume. Kelakar. Kesian pun ada. Dah la boleh tahan muka :P Actually this is not the 1st time dramatic thingy happend to us at KLCC. Last 2 years,a guy approached my family buat2 batuk and lemah at the parking lot asking for money because he has no money to return to kampung. Apahal! Pakai mcm bergaya, mintak duit. It was pretty scarry but luckily nothing bad happened to us as he walked away when we neglected him. KLCC-banyak udang banyak garam,banyak orang banyak ragam! If we dressed well and give sort of a snob expression people may approach u because they think u have the G's but if you dress casual enough people may labeled you as broke ass padahal duit dalam bekepuk! So, don't judge the book by it's cover ;)