I have an empty barren piece of mind. I dont find reading novels interesting,I don't jog,I barely step out of my room(college/house),sometimes I skipped breakfast because I always resort to the internet or my messenger. I found the real creativity there and it's spontaneous.
I.. consume the internet. The other day I look out for the internet junkies syndrome and fortunately unfortunate that I have a few of them. Including neglecting house chore just to be online, spending hours wandering around of anything that I can think of. From "how to defeat depression" to finding the cupcakes online directory. I spend most of my time in the virtual world. Of course security is my priority when I go online. I barely visit any "nak cepat kaya" page or chatrooms ,it's a waste of time and mIRC are for beginners or rempits that wanking themselves behind those monitors after few sex pick up lines. And I started to believe that the internet is my true friend because it never break my heart except for when I could not get connected or being away to run some errands. It never fail to provide me the answer Im looking for such as guide for better memory skills or even the latest news thats going on all around the world. But then I realized internet do not provide me the companionship like a human being. It do not provide me with a soul to soul connection like what I get when Im with my friends. The internet turned me into a money abuser where I spent my money without having second thought just because of what I looked on the screen. Nak salah kan org lain padahal diri sendiri tak tahan indulgence. Reality bites,shit happends,karma make the world balance and at the end I realized that I could not rely on the internet. Although some of people I known are pesudofriends, carik u bila susah, bila studies-leave hilang, bila ada barang baru jeling, doesnt mean your pretty all the boys wanna b with u and all the girls wanna be ur bestfriend. Eventually reality always have something interesting for you in store. Live for the moment. Jatuh bangun kita ,don't forget that our true friends are always behind us. Kalau tak dukung kita, papah kita pun jadi lah :) Harapkan the internet,akhir bulan tgk bil telefon mcm bukit melawati :))


Aqilah Qiqi said...
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Aqilah Qiqi said...

haha. internet bill melambung cuz you're surfing for infos tkpe lagi :)

my maxis bill tinggi menggunung, i pun tatau siapa i call and text smpi super horror tinggi :(