Peak hours

It was 1pm when I finally settled all my errands in UM. So I decided to have my lunch near to my house since the Science Faculty cafe do not offer gastro-stimulating ,instead gastro-constipating menu lately. The road all bumpy and hole-ier like it used to be. It was peak hours at the moment as people rush to fill their empty stomach after having roti canai and teh tarik,i guess. The hustle and bustle of KL will never die. I drove as careful as I could be avoiding any kissing in the bumper if you know what I mean. And so the drama began when I saw kenderaan lesen L kissing a my-vi on the side of the road at PUTRA Bangsar terminal. Busy hour mcm ni tak patut bawak budak drive although it is good to exposed the student bout the real idea of drving in KL. After I passed the second traffic light to Brickfields I saw a mat salleh standing and waving at the side of the pavement holding a board saying Ipoh. Alahai comelnya kau! Sorry but Im heading to Keramat :D I wonder how long have he stood there with his grey shirt and khakis pants smiling and pointing if anybody could give him a lift to Ipoh. Kalau Yasmin Ahmad jumpa dia agak2 Yasmin nak tumpang kan tak? Driving in KL can be challenging but if only you see the face reaction of the people ,the scent of hazardous carbon monoxide, the reckless taxi driver or even anak kucing yang in doubt bila nak melintas,Im so glad I finally reached home safely :)


syimir said...

agaknye,dulu micheal schumacher berlatih bawak kereta kat jalan-jalan KL kot..tue yang terer bawak f1 haha..

Lianapedia said...

ada2 je u. dia practised kat putrajaya sudah