Public Affection

Baby you spoilt me .24 hours passed without your presence near me. Yes we've been through this many times before but somehow this time I could not handle it like I used to be. I looked calm on the surface but down inside Im screaming for your passionate love making. I miss the way you smell, the way you laughed at my silly dirty jokes. I miss stroking your hair as you lean to me. I miss the long hours stuck in the traffic jam after we watched movie coz thats when we really have serious talk bout the politics, the business that never seems to be working out, our experienced burning the midnight oil and of course bout us, the future and the past. Do you still remember how I sulked when you almost finished the strawberry shake you got for us. That sweet taste of the cherry still linger in my taste bud. And you know what else that linger in it before I sent you off. Notch, you'll be in war zone and yayang will emerged soon. Missing you :)


Srikandi Chentamu


Aqilah Qiqi said...

aww touching ;)

syimir said...

haha kawin terus jek..mesti salu berkept..haha..aku tak leh lupa ar si nyamuk a.k.a najmee nie pakai spek hitam rempit,naik kolar baju,pastu ngusik org mase time balik skola kat dpn muamalat dulu..hahaha

Lianapedia said...

hohoho itu koeje dia rupanya! depan mualalat sapa ada? alin la depan mcd ramai gak aweksz :P