Mudahnya melafazkan cinta. Mudahnya menyakiti hati orang yg kononnya kita cinta. What give us the right to yell and blame then. Who are we to tell them that they are wrong? Mak ayah pun tak pernah treat them like crap and suddenly when we're in love, we have the right to be mad at our other half? Love could be as interesting as the rainbow after a rainy day. It can be time and money consuming. But most of all when you fall in love, ask yourself what you really seek in love. Masa remaja dulu I used to looked for physical appearance. Mesti macam ni mesti macam tu. Mesti pandai, mesti ada matlamat and cita2. Well I dont blame myself for being mature in my way of thinking. Coz if not, I may end up with a scump bag now. Bila besar sikit I look for a good gene in terms of breeding. Free from hepatitis, blood pressure ,genital herpes and AIDS. Agak2 bila meningkat 30-an tujuan bercinta mungkin da berbeza(not referring to me). As for me ,money never been my first choice. Because Im not interested in dating older people with career and have monthly cheque. Besides I always work hard to get what I want instead of asking him to get it for me. At this point Im able to say that Im lucky to have someone I call my own. He is that kind of guy a girl could have asked for. Mayb dia tak drive Beetle or Honda ,he may not have DSLR and wear rm200 wrist watch ,maybe he's not into MySpace but I know the questions of life and love that I seeked for lies within his heart and soul
"You and I sharing the love that only few have ever known"


Imran said...

mungkin dia x pnh ke topshop,atau kurang photogedix...mungkin tudungnya bukan fesyen terbaru atau dunianya agak berbeza dari saya...tapi apalah itu semua bila kita yakin tentang cinta :P