Milo Mocha

I hate driving and I hate to think about driving. I hate it so much I make plans for other things. It's the road in KL with the madness of traffic and flooded with vehicles that no matter how well you plan at the end of the day you are the one who have sore feet. So next semester it's either I drive for two months for an A/A- for my industrial training or I study diligently for 4 months with a thin chance of getting A. I'm so at the END of the road with a diverge path. Please drop your opinion weather I should have my industrial training which take me 2hours drive everyday or take another subject for 4 hours per week ?

In the mean time, I hope sambadi is willing to take me for a live music as my soul are draining out of creativity.sambadi.anybadi!


sweet cheery pie said...

dear, if dah 2 hours of driving a car, to go for LI, better tak perlu kot.. just take the subject.. at least, dapat jimat some of money too coz usually LI takkan dapat banyak ongkos nya, am i right? well, that is my opinion =) the choice is yours..