Heads or tail

It's almost the curtain call for the year 2009 and next year Im'ma hit another number and add up one more candle on the birthday cake. The clock ticking fast and yet there are so many unresolved things. The aberration caused by my own attitude had stalled me from doing lots of plan that I wish I could do.

Is it necessary to make to-do-list or just livee for the day and wait for the excitement comes on the next day? Or everyday is brighter then yesterday at least that's what some people think it will be. As for me to-do-list by the time I hit the BIG 3-0 seems pretty scary to be jotted down. Yes it is a fun thing to do at let your mind wander to beyond imagination what if you could quench your thirst and greeted by the breeze from the ocean, or let the your hair feels the air as you cruising through your BMW, or even have a good time dining with your spouse.

I am not being deniable of what may comes. On the other hand I don't want to pressure myself with the list that I made myself. Clearly I don't agree if you say I fail to plan. But if I were to list all the things I wanna be doing it make me even sadder as I have prepare nothing for my after life. That hit me right in my very core.

Life is about learning experience. If you do not made mistake, you do not even try in the first place. Making plans it everyone expertise but the path in order for us to achieve it is something not many willing to do.

Whatever tomorrow may comes,bring it on. I live by the day and make the full use out of it!


Amar Syafiq said...

well said woman!! :D