Yo! P.O.V


Must we get a long with our partner's friends? If they come from a circle of friends, it will be fun but what if they are just bunch of people who are totally stranger? Wouldn't yo feel left out?

**is waiting for a comment**


Luqman said...

well, give and take by both sides. you partner should not let you felt left out, and you should expect less during such encounter. not every moment have to be fun or hip :) and make the best out of such situation with nothing below neutral acts.

ps : act like homer simpson would help. haha.

Anonymous said...

i think i faham this situation.

kite nak jadi friendly tapi...well...sometimes cam takleh masuk. u know la si afiz tu org 'happening sket'. i ni....kategori 'pening haha'. hmm pastu bile diam, takut org tu kata kite bosan plak, padahal just takleh masuk.

nut yg tak bestnyer when our partner pulak terrer-ist boleh plak masuk ngan our kawan (and add semua dalam friends list kiter >.<;). warghh tensionnyer!