Ideologi politik jamban

A month ago when I google on Satu Malaysia topic, nothing positive came out as a result. Instead responses that I got was mainly on the opposition parties saying it was an idea plagiarized by our new PM. They claimed that it was an idea of a man who long ago have mentioned it but it was neglected. Until this day I am not sure what is One Malaysia is all about. When I checked out the official website,the explanation was simple yet not concrete enough to feed my curiosity. I had also came across headlines regarding One Malaysia on how the ministry wanted the concept to be apply to the people. It got me thinking, what happened to Wawasan 2020? We only have 11 years to go but the vision seems to fade away. The government cannot curb the rising criminal activities, the economy are unpredictable although the Malays have some air to breathe compare to our ancestors, the youth that I observed do not have patriotism and high moral values. On the other hand ,I feel proud and honored to see those who put knowledge,education, creativity and strong will to improve their life. The concept of One Malaysia is in Wawasan 2020. Besides it is the main objectives of the vision but why after a decade the rakyat have to be introduced into a new policy and idea? Jangan dikejar tak dapat ,yangdikendong berciciran. Or could be the Wawasan 2020 have evolved to One Malaysia within this period of 10 years? Whatever it is,this is our country and the people have to face the thunder and storm together ,united we stand. Despite the ethnicity,colors and creed, we should realized this is the land of ours that need our unconditional love and protection.