I'm using the same path everyday and I noticed that KL in haze lately. If only I have an environment vacuum to suck up all the dust. Some kind of HEPA filter ,filtering all unwanted particles that harmful to me and others. Not just being exposed to this hazy condition but I'm also dealing with a cancer-causing reagent daily. Just when you thought you have enough sins to destroy your life I have a distinct reason for my death. But instead of over thinking it I believe that god will protect me. I have never been so "pious" or articulate in works before but after been given a responsibility I have been a more alert and discipline individual lately. I thank my attitude for being flexible :)

For those who did't get my video previously it doesnt matter, all I know it gives me the sense of falling to no where land for 10 minutes? (Approximately). Im'ma share my hallucination with you on the next video >)


Luqman said...

haha. maybe my mind refuse to go to no where land. this one is BEST :D i loikee it. mula2 takut cm nnt antu ttbe dtg, dulu terkena dah. huu.