I received a note from a bau-bau stokin school friend of mine (it means that we are not really close ) . She told me that many of my pics are in this website call www.spoilsail.com. I admit Im a little vain knowing my quality pictures are in another website but a little bit sceptical towards the Facebook security and privacy. Being a smart ass I am, I went to check on yahoo answer and this is what I get :)
Answerer3:we all fall for those traps. However I just did a story about "MySpace & Facebook", it seems a virus called "Noobface" started on MySpace first then it went over into Facebook, just like you explained, it told you to go into the photos, it was a farce! That's how a virus attaches itself to your computer which is way worse, when you open those pages {even sent from friends, cause they probably didn't know either}, it's better to just stay away from things that look curious to you hon.A lot of people fell for it, so I told everyone that I knew about it that was on Facebook. All u have to do is tell Facebook, complain to them, if they do nothing...then if it were me, I would delete the account, and if you really like that site {which is prone to viruses} then u can start another acct. and never do that again.
Good background of internet knowledge really helps alot :D