Who is she?

I looked at her. She stands 5'2 tall with a slightly pale colour skin. She has the same colour of hair like mine. She has a dark brown colour eye but the only thing is the eyes never seems to be welcoming. The eyes always frowning and her fingers only pointing at me as if I am always to be blame. I looked at her. Everyday. Although I see her but I wont never be able to touch her. She's on the other side of the mirror. She's been controlling me. She's inside me. She is my stepmother. The one that told me that I will never make it possible. The one that has been telling me that I'm not smart enough,not pretty enough, not talented enough, that I could not succeed. I will dispute of the words she has been telling me because I know she will always stays in that mirror. She will only be able to curse me with all the unpleasant things in this world but she will always stay there unable to get a grasp of me. For what important is the voice within myself. The one I hear deep inside my heart core. I am facing this fast changing world and I am ready. As for what I see in the mirror, the image will slowly disappear and what should I seek in the mirror is the positive image of me .So long stepmother!


syimir said...

Macam lagu hujan Dugaannya tu,aku harap ko tabah dan sabar ke atas dugaan nieh..org yang sabar salu nasib baik tau..nyway,thanks for viewing my page...salu2 lah komen untuk aku improvekan lagi gambar2 aku..